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Park Funeral Chapels

Garden City Park, NY

(516) 747-4300

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Natasha Vaduthala

Park Funeral Chapels
Garden City Park, NY
(516) 747-4300

Natasha  VaduthalaVisitation: Friday Evening 5pm-9pm, at Park Funeral Chapels Mass: Saturday Morning 10:00am, at St. Thomas the Apostle Chapel of West Hempstead Committal: Nassau Knolls Cemetery

Messages of Sympathy

I was so shocked to hear of the unexpected loss of Natasha. Please accept my sincere condolences. She was such a devoted, loving young lady. I will forever treasure the memories and time I spent with her in the Physician Assistant Association. Your family will be in my thoughts and prayers at this difficult time. Rest in Peace Natasha! You will be missed! Professor Leshinsky, St. John’s University, Faculty advisor PA Association

by Stacey Leshinsky
06/13/2012 10:12:35 AM

My condolences to the family and friends of Natasha.

by Rocco Mirro
06/13/2012 2:31:25 PM

Dearest and your family are my prayers. I pray for God to keep you strong and to take your daughter safely in his arms through her journey to the other side. May she rest peacefully! Sincerely, Diane (Rvc post office)

by Diane Hawley
06/14/2012 8:10:19 AM

To the Parents and Family of dear Natasha, My family wishes to express our deepest sympathy and condolences. Her sweet nature will shine forever in the memories of anyone who knew her. We can only pray that Peace and Love return to your house through the help of your Family, your Friends and your Faith. Sincerely, Deb, Dan, Sarah, Danny and Laura Boehm

by Daniel Boehm
06/14/2012 8:43:24 AM

Natasha was an amazing friend and classmate who brought about only smiles and laughter anywhere she went. I will treasure every moment spent with her and will miss seeing her smile everyday. She will remain a part of our Physician Assistant family. I hope your family is given strength and courage at this time of grief. Love you and miss you. RIP. -Love, Ruhee

by Ruhee Gadhia
06/14/2012 11:16:17 AM

Please accept my condolenses. I will pray for Natasha and her loving family, everyday, for the help they need. R.I.P Natasha! Natasha will be truly missed by all.

by Anonymous Anonymous
06/14/2012 7:14:35 PM

My heart goes out to the friends and family of this beautiful girl. It is really sad to hear of her untimely passage out of this world but nonetheless, May her soul rest in peace and may her family and friends have the strength to endure this great loss. St. John's will miss you natasha.

by Narish Zubair
06/14/2012 10:47:46 PM

Beloved Vaduthala Family We are thinking of you with prayer that God's love will bring consolation in this difficult time. With Sincere Sympathy Kizhakekkatil Family

by Dr. Jacqueline Kizhakekkatil
06/15/2012 7:07:26 AM

From the Canelo family our deepest condolence to neven , his brother , mom and dad. U r in our prayers.

by Ray,Sam,Phillip Laila Canelo
06/15/2012 6:10:10 PM

My condolences to Natasha's family.She was a sweet girl,beautiful inside and out.Our loss is Heavens gain.May God Comfort you and give you peace in your time of grief.Sincerely Barbara S.

by Barbara Schreck
06/16/2012 1:35:25 PM

I was in awe, but not surprised of the amount of people that went to mass today to bid you farewell. You ARE loved. My heart just went to pieces when I got the news of your passing. I have been praying for your family, may our Lord and Saviour embrace them in this time of sorrow.

by Sonia Lopez
06/16/2012 7:32:12 PM

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07/08/2012 1:46:45 AM

Thank you for suroppting the March of Dimes. They were a great suroppt and help to us when our youngest was born prematurely and spent several weeks in the NICU. Especially for our older 2, sending them to the Science Museum at no cost that was so special!

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11/06/2012 4:54:43 PM

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An incredible story and you are raising money for an AWESOME cause! I am a labor and delivery nurse (and baby photographer) in Baltimore and I have to say – the March of Dimes is an incredible organization! I wish you nothing but the best and am so happy to hear their scary beginning is a happy story! home insurance in florida car insurance quotes

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